Aquatherapy / Rehab:

In the aqua trainer horses can rehabilitate after a leg- or back injury in a controlled manner and under safe circumstances.

How it works:

The advantage of aqua therapy is that the horse is stimulated to walk actively and to use its back, belly and pelvis correctly. Moving against the resistance of the water requires a lot of muscle power, the upward pressure in higher water makes it possible to do a training without having the full body weight on the tendons, ligaments and joints, and in lower water the horse is stimulated to step over the water to increase its moves.

The intensity of the training can be adapted by the water level, the velocity and the duration. In this way, the horse will be supported individually until recovered enough to start its normal training.

The rehab schedule will be carried out by referral from the horse’s veterinarian and controlled by equine physiotherapists and / or a specialised rehab veterinarian together with a team of para-veterinarians that are specialised in rehab.
WHEN: Aqua training is very suitable for (sport) horses that, due to an injury, are not allowed to be ridden and are difficult while rehabilitating during walks , or that should not lose too much muscle volume.

INDICATIONS can be: A variety of injuries in tendons or ligaments or joints of legs or back, postoperative after a.o. OCD, or in building up after stable rest due to e.g. a fracture.

Aqua training can also be a useful tool for younger somewhat slightly weak horses that need strengthening of belly- pelvic- and hind leg musculature.

In addition to daily training, aqua training can be used for competition horses, or during holidays when it’s difficult to find a suitable replacement for the owner or rider.
At the PRC, depending on the injury, your horse can be trained in the aqua trainer, as well as on the treadmill, dry band, and / or being lunged or ridden by a professional rider. Pasture options are also possible. Physiotherapeutic treatment is included in the rehab.

Are you planning on buying your own aqua trainer and do you want some physiotherapeutic assistance and / or advice in the beginning? Do not hesitate to contact me through email or by phone...